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Spontaneous Painting is a freeing and joyful exploration of the creative process

Spontaneous Painting Workshop
Spontaneous Painting Workshop
Spontaneous Painting Workshop

In a Spontaneous Painting workshop,

students are energized in the experience of witnessing their creative process. Intuition strengthens and students create paintings that are uniquely their own. 

The inspiration is from within one’s self. There are no rules to follow—perspective and proportion are not a concern. Meaning and quality are not discussed, since any such analysis interferes with the creative flow.

Professional grade tempera paints from a community table are applied to smooth surfaced paper. Painting is done in silence. The transformation of the Self is a gift of Process Painting.

Students' Artwork

Student Artwork Spontaneous Painting Workshop
Student Artwork Spontaneous Painting Workshop
Student Artwork Spontaneous Painting Workshop

“Thanks for giving us a chance to live our joy. I haven’t had this much fun since third grade!”

LM, Award Winning Author

​"Spontaneous Painting was a very good road for me to follow… helped me with my own

discovery and direction."

CS, Artist

“I could do whatever I wanted,

and that was great!”

SC, Federal Government Employee

For dates of upcoming workshops and registration information, please email

              About the Facilitator


Beckie Mirsch Laughlin, M.F.A. Painting, B.A. Art, American University, completed Master Intensive Training in Process Painting with Michele Cassou, co-founder of the Painting Experience. She has also studied with Stewart Cubley,


Beckie has been creating and exhibiting paintings for over 45 years and she was an Adjunct Professor at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV for several years.


Beckie has been facilitating classes and workshops in Spontaneous Painting at area art centers including the Carroll County Arts Council in Westminster, MD, the Columbia Arts Center in Columbia, MD, and at Frederick Community College Continuing Education as well as at New Moon Studio in New Market, MD for over 15 years. She also facilitated a week long workshop at Common Ground on the Hill during July 2007 at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.  Ms. Laughlin made a presentation about Spontaneous Painting and facilitated a mini-workshop during a Frederick County Art Association membership meeting in 2002.

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