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NEW MARKET -- Orange, white, purple; brush, palette knife, squeezed directly from a tube; squiggly, jagged, circular lines, most, if not all, of which went unplanned.

Like the texture of a Van Gogh painting, Beckie Laughlin said, you can't help but respond. The painting is the experience. Your immediate response, without venturing into analysis, is what matters, whether you're the one painting it or viewing it. Or both.

While several artists will say painting is a meditative act, Laughlin...

Artist's Dream Inspires Latest Exhibit

A young girl, preparing to participate in a strange ritual, holds an oar carved and decorated with a hollowed circle shape.

When artist Beckie Mirsch Laughlin shook this image from her mind a year ago, she knew she had been awakened from more than just a dream: "When I woke up I felt all this warmth on my abdomen. There was this energy and...

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